Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sports and Dating

You’ve probably always known that physical activity is good exercise and great for your heart. You just didn’t know how great until now. Attention couch potatoes: There are dating benefits to being even a spectator at a sporting event, but active is best!
  • Sport teams: Even if you’re a klutz, find a sport to play. It’s generally safe, it’s fun, it’s physical, and team members almost always get together afterwards — especially if they win. Even if you view yourself as the ultimate klutz or hated gym, more and more leagues are demanding co-ed-ness (please don’t tell my English teacher I used that word).
  • Health clubs: Health clubs have a lot going for them: You’re among other people doing essentially the same thing. You see the same familiar group of people all the time. Keep in mind though that most people are in spandex and therefore often a bit shy, so be willing to go slowly.
  • Individual sports: Even if you embrace the loneliness of the long-distance runner, skier, mountain climber, shot putter, or cycler, there are clubs that support your individuality while having great parties, useful Web sites, and like-minded souls. If you run into the same person daily as you scoot around the reservoir or walk your dog or peddle uphill, smile as you gasp.
  • _ Sporting events: Most people are really relaxed when they watch sports —unless it’s the playoffs — and they are quite willing to explain what’s going on or to argue about who’s best. So asking the cute person next to you, “Why did the ref call that penalty?” will likely result in a smile and an explanation.

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