Monday, April 7, 2008

Picking the perfect date by birth order

If you want to know more about a guy or girl you’re dating, the family tree is a good place to look. Certain personality traits, unique to birth position, tend to show up again and again in family after family. For instance:
  • The oldest child: He or she will tend to be bossy, super-responsible, competitive, and assertive.
  • The middle child: A people pleaser, he or she will often “make nice” in an effort to keep things calm. Middle kids tend to be the diplomats in the family and in life. It’s hard to get them to take a stand or figure out what they really want, and they can be a bit manipulative.
  • The youngest child: Adventurous, creative, and confident, youngest children also tend to be hyperemotional and needy at times. They like being babied.
  • The only child: After a childhood of being in the spotlight of their families, only children tend to crave attention and will aggressively and charmingly seek it from you. They tend to be disproportionately successful.

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