Saturday, April 19, 2008

How to flirt?

Successful flirting is all about fun and confidence and playfulness and sexiness. Unsuccessful flirting is about being too out-there, too sexual, too self-absorbed, and too eager to flirt with anyone. Basic rule: Flirt with your date, not the waiter, hostess, your date’s best friend, or her mom. Here’s some info on how to flirt with style:
  • Be interested. Few things are sexier than someone who’s totally into you. Paying genuine attention is a great place to start.
  • Lock eyes. Don’t stare, but connect with your eyes and you have a better chance of connecting with your hearts.
  • Play. Good flirting is fun. Don’t be afraid to giggle and tease.
  • Touch. Brush arms, bump knees beneath the table, tweak noses.
  • Flatter. A sincere appraisal of what you really like about this person is a turn-on. False praise, however, is a total turn-off.
  • Take a chance. Flirting, by its very nature, is active. Sitting back and waiting for someone to flirt with you may mean you put in more couch time than flirt time. Take a stab. Unless you drool all over your date or flirtmate, you have nothing to lose. Who doesn’t like a little flirting?

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