Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Compliments?

It’s okay to be complimentary as long as the compliment is sincere and at least fairly reasonable and stays away from body parts below the neck and above the ankles. Saying to a fat person, for example, that he doesn’t sweat much isn’t even in the compliment ballpark. Saying “You remind me of my grandmother” (for either sex) isn’t too hot, either.
It’s okay to compliment men on their:
  • Hair: Thick, shiny, wavy, healthy locks, a nice cut, an attractive color. Talking hair is pretty safe. But don’t talk about receding hairlines, bald spots, early graying, or anything else that may be a sensitive topic. Don’t make even a casual reference to dandruff; avoid the words flake and flaky for at least five minutes after talking about hair.
  • Eyes: Blue, green, black, or brown, all God’s children love to hear that they’ve got nice eyes. Some particularly good adjectives? Try bright, clear, beautiful, expressive, warm, laughing, and sensitive. Avoid sexy until the third date.
  • Neck: If he’s got a neck like a wrestler, tell him. If it’s a chicken neck, let it pass.
  • Tie: Cut, color, style. But don’t say you want to use it to tie him to a bedpost — at least not yet. Make sure it’s patterned and not grease stained before you comment on the unusual design.
  • Socks: Some men take a lot of care picking their socks. Stun — and impress — him by noticing, but never lift his pant leg without asking.
  • Smile: Men love to hear that they’ve got a charming, handsome, alluring smile.
  • Teeth: A bit more personal. Shiny is good, but big, dangerous, or sharp should not be noted.
Women find praise for essentially the same things really cool:
  • Hair: Women spend a lot of time on their hair, and they like the effort to be noticed. But don’t touch without asking, be careful about noting an unusual color (two out of three women in America color their hair), and never say “dye.”
  • Eyes: The same rules apply for women that apply for men. Like I said before, everyone likes to be complimented on his or her baby blues (or greens, etc.).
  • Neck: Complimenting a woman on her neck can often be a bit iffy — unless it’s long and slender. If her neck is as thick as a linebacker’s, though, you can comment on skin unless she’s wearing something really low cut.
  • Smile: Women love to hear that they’ve got a warm, engaging, sweet smile.
  • Teeth: If you don’t know how to give a compliment on teeth without coming off as an oral surgeon, go for the smile instead. Stay away from body parts — even muscles (in either sex). Also, complimenting women’s shoes can be a bit tricky, raising the possibility of a foot fetish. It’s just not worth the risk this early on. Avoid the killer b’s: buns, breasts, briefs, bazooms.

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