Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Ask for a Phone Number?

Whether you were introduced by friends, ran into one another on the street, or met at a party, unless you believe that the two of you share a karma that will cause you to run into one another again and again, you’re either going to have to depend on blind fate or you’re going to have to get a number: a home phone number or a cell number (a great option because it allows you to give out a number without having to transpose one of the last digits for someone you don’t really want to give your phone number to.) If you really don’t want to give a phone number, don’t do it. Give a street address, an e-mail address, a business card, or something. (I know there’s always the mutual friend route, but you’re not in 7th grade any more — I hope. Plus, if you contact the other person directly, you get a lot more — and more reliable — information.) There are only a limited number of reasons why you might ask for a phone number:
  • You want to call the person.
  • You’re not sure whether you want to call the person but want the number just in case.
  • You know you don’t want to call, but you don’t want to appear rude.

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