Friday, June 20, 2008

If you’re not sure whether you’re interested

When you’re not sure that you want the person to call, you can always say you’re about to change your number because you’ve received too many hang-ups; the number used to belong to an escort service; or you want a cuter number.
If you decide that you want to give out your number and then, upon reflection, decide that it was a mistake, you can get an answering machine or a call block machine so that you can screen your calls. If it turns out that the person is more persistent than you’d like, you can change your number. Another alternative if you’re not sure whether you want to give out your phone number is to get the person’s number instead. Of course, doing so means you have to call the person.
Don’t ask for a phone number as a defensive measure, as in, “I don’t want you to have my number, but if I ask for yours, you’ll be less intense about getting mine.” Then you’re just being creepy.

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