Sunday, September 21, 2008

What do I feel good in?

Comfort is crucial. You’ll have enough emotional turmoil to grapple with without fussing over a shoulder pad that keeps slipping or a silk shirt that suddenly feels like a plastic bag.
  • Select cozy fabrics. Cotton or velvet or any other material that feels soft against your skin is a good choice.
  •  Make sure that the fit is fabulous. Take the penny test: Drop a penny on the floor; then pick it up. If your waistband is too tight, heels too high, skirt too narrow, slacks too snug, shirt too short, or gold chains too heavy, rethink your look until you can easily scoop that penny off the floor. If your outfit doesn’t pass the penny test, put it back in the closet.
  •  Wear what you already own. The temptation to rush out and buy the perfect outfit will be strong. Resist it. You don’t want to take chances with an outfit that hasn’t already proven itself at least once. “New” doesn’t necessarily mean “flawless.” Hems fall, button threads unravel, perspiration shows. Again, play it safe and go with what you know.

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