Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did I pay attention to detail?

Shine your shoes. Press your collar. Check for errant threads. Rub the lipstick off your teeth. Tuck in the tag. Clean under your fingernails. Sniff for excessive aftershave or perfume. Unstuff your purse. Freshen your breath. Match your socks. Check out the rearview in a full-length mirror (don’t forget the back of your hairdo). In short, pretend you’re going to Sunday school and grandma’s watching.
  •  Department store dressing rooms are notoriously overlit. If you look good in there, you’ll look good anywhere.
  •  Bathroom mirrors are typically underlit for bright, daylight makeup. If you can, apply daylight makeup close to a window flooded with natural light. If you can’t, recheck your makeup once you get outside and blend in any areas that look a little thick.
Unless you’re covering surgical scars or other major skin care challenges, you should always be able to see your skin through your makeup. Foundation is designed to improve Mother Nature, not replace her.

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