Sunday, September 21, 2008

Have I figured my date into the equation?

Dressing for your evening out is primarily about making you feel like a million bucks, but while you’re at it, throw a few cents of sense your date’s way. Tom Cruise and anybody aside, most short guys feel a tad shy with an Amazon woman at their side — especially if he has a bald spot previously seen only by birds or passengers in low-flying aircraft. Date night may not be the right night to break out those four-inch heels. Grungy rock stars aside, most women prefer a gu who at least ran his fingers through his hair — unless, of course, he’s been working on the car or in the garden or out in the stables and his shower is broken. (In that case, the whole date will be a wash, so you might as well reschedule.) The point is, a date is a twosome. Some consideration on your part can help make it one heck of a great time.

Think about what your date will probably wear. If you’re beaching it, lose the tie. If you’re going to a barbecue, don’t wear something suitable for a funeral. Dress age- and place-appropriate so that you’re not likely to be taken for her

father or his baby doll. This is also not the time for gender-bending outfits. When in doubt, think about both your comfort and your date’s. Remember that it’s easier to remove a tie than wish you’d worn one, and overdressing makes you look elegant, and underdressing makes you look sloppy, so if you can’t hit it exactly right, try a bit over rather than under. My aunt has always
maintained overdressing will get you taken to a better restaurant.

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