Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cell phones and dating

To say cell phones have become ubiquitous doesn’t begin to explain how common they are. My daughter visited Thailand and was astonished to discover that in a country where the average income is $700, everybody had a cell phone!
With regard to dating, the first thing that you should know about a cell phone is that unless you’re late for a date or lost and trying to get in touch with your date by cell phone, turn it off! A date is not the time to show how popular you are by letting your date know how many people call you. That’s why voice mail was invented. The worst-case scenario I’ve ever seen was a couple walking down the street and holding hands, while both of them were talking on their cell phones, so you know they weren’t talking to each other. This kind of behavior really makes no sense. Cell phone addiction is evidence of that need for speed and urgency thing, always having to be in touch and feeling like you might be missing something if you’re not connected. I actually once did a story about countries where a person having sex is more likely to answer his or her cell phone. If this is you, stop! Get up from the couch, go look in the mirror, and ask yourself, “What are my priorities? When did I become so addicted to being that in touch?”
Another problem with cell phones is that everything on your cell phone bill is going to be listed by phone number. Anybody opening your cell phone bill is going to know exactly who you’ve been taking too, what time of day, and for how long. Star 69 and caller ID have also made both stalking and cheating something that you really can’t do with much success anymore. If you’re dating more than one person and being less than candid with either, chances are you’ll be busted by your trusty cell bill. Use the disposability and portability of cells to your advantage by only giving out your cell number until you’ve had a number of face-to-face dates and then only if you feel really secure.

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