Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Big Three Things

Money matters
The days of men expecting or being expected to pay for everything have come and gone. It makes a women look modern, generous, and interested to at least offer and be willing to pick up the check, especially if she’s making a decent living. Even if not, offer to do what you can even if it’s a picnic in the park! Guys, offering to split the check makes you look cheap — I know she looks generous, but you’ll be labeled chintzy. Times are changing — but not overnight.

Ah sex, the fundamental things apply, except that we’re not quite so basic anymore when you add in earlier puberty, longer lives, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, hooking up, women being more sexually aggressive and assertive, drugs, and rock and roll. Relax, go at your own pace, always use protection, and remind yourself to be respectful of your partner and yourself since both of you are susceptible to — but not controlled by — hormones. When in doubt, wait! Choice is complicating but eventually empowering!

I’ve mentioned this so many times before, but be reasonable and cautious. Dating should be fun — not a walk on the wild side — so make sure you meet a stranger in a public place, make sure someone knows where you are, and use your cell phone initially — don’t give your home address or business phone number or address until you know each other really well. Wait to have sex until you feel safe enough to give out a home number. Use protection and floss after meals.

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