Friday, August 28, 2009

Signs of Hot Kisses

First kisses are so loaded with possibility, expectation, sexuality, sensuality, tenderness, and emotion, it’s a wonder people don’t explode on the spot. Before you get to the door, or to the moment of truth, I want you to make sure your date is sending all the right signals that he or she is ready to take your relationship to level two.
Her signs
You can tell that a woman is interested in a kiss if
  • She’s facing you, arms down, body relaxed.
  • Her head is tilted upward.
  • She doesn’t appear to be ending the date with some definitive remark like, “Thanks. I’ll call you.”
  • Her lips are parted.
  • She gazes into your eyes.
If she’s not interested, she’ll
  • Clamp her jaw shut.
  • Fumble for her keys.
  • Won’t look you in the eye.
  • Glue her chin to her chest.
  • Hold out her hand and say, “Thanks.”

His signs
A guy looking forward to a little lip action will
  • Position his body between you and the door.
  • Act nervous.
  • Show no visible signs of leaving or ending the date.
  • Tilt his head upward.
  • Lick his lips.
If he’s not interested, he’ll
  • Walk you directly to your door or car, without hesitation.
  • Keep his hands in his pockets.
  • Look at his feet.
  • Avoid eye contact at all costs.
Remember, kissing is not a mandatory end to every date. You can hug, shake hands, wave at each other. There are other perfectly acceptable alternatives. It’s your date, and you can kiss if you want to . . . or not kiss if you don’t.

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