Friday, August 28, 2009

Analyzing kiss

According to Boston College professor William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, there are 25 different ways to smooch. 25! There’s the eye kiss, the wet kiss, the butterfly, the friendly, and the ever-popular lip-o-suction. That’s just naming a few. Unless you plan to end your date with a “see ya” peck on the cheek, it’s important to know the difference between a quick kiss, a serious kiss, and seriously making out:
  • Handshake: If your date extends his or her hand instead of lips, it means one of two things: One, he or she is trying to do the right (as in respectful) thing and not move too fast. Two, the moment is awkward, and your date isn’t sure what to do. A handshake isn’t necessarily a brush-off. A kiss-off is a brush-off. If you want more, try a gentle, friendly hug and see what happens.
  • Hug: Since your entire body is involved, a hug can be the gateway to more intimacy. It’s also what Uncle Wally and Aunt Mildred do to you just before they pinch your cheeks. The duration of the hug determines what happens next. If it’s a quick body-pressing, take it as the equivalent of a quick kiss (see the next item). If your date holds you close, and you like it, a simple tilt of the head and, voilá, you’re in perfect kissing position.
  • Quick kiss: Quick kisses are everywhere. People who barely know one another quick kiss on the cheek when they meet. In France, the doublecheek quick kiss is part of the national identity. If your date leans forward at the end of your time together and quick kisses you on the cheek, say a quick goodbye. Though a major smooch session may be coming later, it’s the last thing on your date’s mind tonight. If, on the other hand, your date quick kisses you hello, especially if it’s more sweet than scary or sexy, you’re picking up on some fairly serious chemistry.
  • Serious kiss: This is a kiss you can see coming. Your date has been preparing the proper approach in his or her mind, and there’s a thrilling tingle of anticipation in the air. A serious kiss is one of intention. It’s sensual more than sexual and takes time when done properly. A serious kiss is one of the best signs that your date can’t wait to see you again.
  • Making out: All about lust, making out is an earnest lip-lock intended as a prelude to something more — not always sex . . . though the promise and possibility of sex are definitely part of the scene. Making out is characterized by a full-body experience. Your lips are only the initiators. Making out uses the hands, hot breath on the neck, bodies pressed together. Warning: Don’t make out with a date you don’t want to see again. It sends out a mixed message, as well as a mess of hormones that have nowhere to go.
In general, men view kissing as a prelude to the main event: sex. For men, a woman who kisses well promises to be a tiger in the sack, too. Women often see kissing as a perfectly good activity in and of itself, rather than a means to an end. Women could kiss all night, and then say goodnight without feeling “cheated” out of sex. For women, a guy who’s a “great kisser” is a guy who takes his time, a guy who’s capable of love as well as lust.

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