Monday, January 12, 2009

Safe Subjects in Dating

Words can knit a warm blanket or cause an explosion. Your directive here is to create a conversational comfort zone by having a group of icebreakers ready. These tidbits are designed to put both you and your date at ease:
  • Weather: I know, this is so trite it’s almost a national joke. However, comments about the weather have more to do with presentation than subject matter. The old chestnut, “Nice weather we’re having,” is a waste. But confiding that the sky was so clear and beautiful you spent your lunch hour barefoot in the park is another story entirely. (Besides, that data gives you a great chance to talk about a great old Neil Simon movie, Barefoot in the Park, starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford —and right there you’ve taken your budding relationship to another level.)
  • Location: Where you are right now is a great subject for conversation. Commenting on the colors, smells, sounds, and tastes in a positive way (no griping allowed) allows you to share the experience.
  • Friends in common: Beware of gossip, but establishing links is a very good idea.
  • News events: Be up-to-date; read the paper, a news magazine, People, whatever.
  • Popular culture: Talk about plays, movies, concerts, rock stars, and so on.

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