Monday, January 12, 2009

Politics Topic in Dating

Current events are good conversational fodder. But your position on the death penalty? Abortion? Welfare reform? The president? National health insurance? The Teamsters? Gun control? A bit risky. The potential payoff isn’t worth the risk. If your date shares your political views, is he being truthful or just agreeable? Do you really want a full-scale argument on your first date?
If you show up in a red tie, navy blue blazer, button-down white shirt, khaki pants, and brown penny loafers (or wearing suspenders, a belt, and a bow tie), she’s going to assume that you’re a Republican no matter what you say.
Political hot potatoes to avoid at all costs:
_ Police brutality
_ Immigration
_ National health insurance
_ Women in the military
_ Any current war or conflict
_ September 11 (Geographic location may come into play here.)
_ The designated hitter rule
_ Spanking
_ Body piercing
_ And, of course, Elvis

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