Saturday, July 5, 2008

Talking Once You’re on the Phone

Talking on the phone is a nice way to begin getting to know one another. It’s personal without being overly intimate: You’re at arm’s — or, literally, at phone’s — length from one another.

During the first conversations, keep things short and casual. Those let’s-putthe-phone-on-the-pillow-and-listen-to-each-other-breathe-as-we-fall-asleep things come much, much later. So don’t worry about the sweaty palms (as long as the phone doesn’t slip), don’t hang up, and don’t try too hard. Never make a date with a machine. Whether it’s the first date or the fiftieth, unless it’s an emergency, get in touch with the person mouth to ear so that you know the message has been received loud and clear.

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