Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home phone or not?

Many women are reluctant to give out home numbers for safety’s sake and are much more willing to give out work numbers because they’re not alone at work and they (generally) work during the day. Work phone numbers create their own problems, however:
  • At work other people are around, which feels safer, but it’s also less private.
  • Many if not all businesses frown on personal calls during the workday. If you’ve been given or are giving out a work number, understand that the conversations have to be shorter than they would be if you were using a home number.
Of course, not all home phone numbers automatically eliminate these problems. Sharing your home phone number with roommates or family can limit the length of the calls. If the phone has extensions, you may find that you restrict the content as well because you never know who may be listening in.

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