Saturday, February 16, 2008

What if you don't have enough hair for dating?

I know guys worry a lot about hair and losing it, but most women would prefer a cool bald guy with nice manners who’s interested in them to a dope with a gorgeous head of hair — which gets us to the rug question. Should you or shouldn’t you?

Toupees aren’t usually all that convincing, but if you want to, go ahead. What you might want to try is just being yourself and letting your hair, or lack of it, be. Go au naturel on vacation, and see if you don’t feel more relaxed and happy. A shaved head is very hip right now and bespeaks loads of confidence, which is what true sexiness is all about.

What you shouldn’t do is take that one wisp of hair and wrap it 12 times around your head. If a wind comes up, you’re sunk, and even if it’s dead calm, you’re going to be fiddling with it and patting it, and you’ll look distracted and unhappy.
And remember, women don’t care nearly as much about hair as you think

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