Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Men’s Ten-day Rule After a Date

This ten-day rule explains why guys wait ten days to call, even if the date’s terrific.
Assuming your first date is on a Tuesday or Wednesday night:
  • Guys don’t call the next day; they see it as too needy. Girls don’t call the next day, either; they see it as too desperate.
  • Now you’re butting up against the weekend. You don’t want to appear dateless. No one calls Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • Now you’re at Monday. No one calls anyone on a Monday.
  • Tuesdays or Wednesdays are good days to call, but if work gets too busy, you leave the number at home, or you’re out of town, then forget it —you’re already to Thursday.
  • Thursday. Too close to the weekend. It’s too late to ask someone out for the weekend or to admit you don’t have a date. Besides, a second date on a weekend rather than a weekday ups the ante too much.
  • Now it’s Friday. Calling on Friday is the same as Thursday.
  • Ditto Saturday.
  • Sunday is still the weekend and a refocus on work, not play.
  • No one makes any important calls on a Monday.
  • Tuesday. Ahhh. That feels about right. Work is calm, your head is calm, your heart is calm, and your conscience is still clean. Now pick up the phone . . . ’cept it’s now been nearly two weeks. Yikes! Guys: Win many more Brownie points by calling before ten days. Girls: Chill.
The problem is the pattern, not you.

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