Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ending so-so date

Sometimes you’re not sure how you feel until the excitement dies down and real-life takes over and you regain your perspective. That’s perfectly fine. Just ’fess up. Tell your date you had a good time, your head is spinning, and you need a little time to sort out your feelings. It may sound a tad insensitive, but it’s much better than the “Hey, baby, I’ll call you” line if you’re really not sure you will.
If your date says to you he or she needs a few days to digest it all, smile sweetly, say “Great” and go home. Not go phone. Simply go home and live your life. Remember, a watched phone never rings.
So if you’re not sure about the date:
  • Wait for follow-up — but live your life: Don’t spend all your time waiting next to the phone.
  • Give yourself a week or so to ponder: Upon reflection, the scales usually tip one way or the other.
  • Don’t have sex: If you’re not sure how you feel about the date, you are definitely not ready to have sex.

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