Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Money management in dating

The time to swing by the ATM is the day before your date. Nothing kills the illusion of a together, take-charge person faster than fumbling with your PIN while your date waits in the car.
If you ask, you pay. So be sure to do the following:
  • Stash plenty of cash. If you can’t afford where you’re going, go someplace else.
  • Don’t assume the place you’re going takes credit cards. If you don’t know (meaning you haven’t called in advance to make sure), bring enough cash to cover the most expensive item on the menu or at the venue. Or better, call in advance to both the place and your credit card customer service to make sure that your card will be accepted there (or anywhere).
  • Have a few dollar bills handy for tipping valets, and so on. For a rough estimate on how much you’ll need for tips

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